Massey Productions makes all kinds of films, television and cable product but what drives us forward is director-driven material and storytellers.  In order to make the films we really want, we collaborate a lot with other companies, sometimes for the art of it, sometimes to spread the financial cost of the art and other times purely for revenue reasons.  We work closely with writers to ensure scripts stand out for the standard of writing but also for originality and for a purpose. Great films don’t happen by accident.

It may be challenging for co-productions to serve completely different domestic markets but the framework is a perfect solution for a market like Canada, which cannot often provide 100% of a feature film’s financing.  So we are well versed in co-productions and use the considerable support of our federal agencies when pursuing foreign partnerships.

Massey Productions has recently begun sales work in select territories and will increasingly diversify in coming years.  We are a small company with a good foundation and some valuable creative and financial expertise.

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Paris Quintet BC new imageAug2019 EZ full brochure English 08.10.15 copy
Five idiosyncratic romantics set out to make Paris theirs and are critically distracted when they simultaneously fall for the luminous but not so romantic Lucie.   A Canada-France-Belgium co-production to shoot in 2019. An Indo-Canadian cop goes undercover investigating money-laundering in a Bollywood film production in Vancouver by taking a role in the film with funny and dangerous consequences.  A majority Canadian co-pro with India. Based on the true story of a Chinese peasant sucked into a scam who against all odds ends up in California tracking down the con man and ultimately becoming an extraordinarily successful private detective.  This film is set up with Mei Ah in HK and China and Terence Chang and Raymond Massey producing, Ah Mei writing and Wang Zao directing.
Based on the hugely successful play, Mina Shum is writing the screenplay with Marcus Youssef and James Long.  Mina will direct and Massey is exec producing. Chinese television entrepreneur is desperate to save his failing family business. He travels to Canada and hires Yukon fishing guide in a quest to catch the elusive giant Northern Pike. The results are disastrous and the fishing is not good. Things go very badly until his long lost father turns up in Canada, and a solution emerges, one that crosses all boundaries, cultural and linguistic. A no-holds-barred custody battle erupts when a fertilized embryo in a fertility clinic is the only chance for two argumentative sets of grandparents to continue their family lines.


A natural byproduct of decades of developing, packaging, producing and delivering independent films is expertise in many areas that are of value to other content creators, networks, studios and occasionally these are opportunities to work with a great director and actors.  Staying a small company means developing broad knowledge of the regulatory and legal aspects of the business and all of this is useful to younger companies and foreign companies unfamiliar with work in Canada and in our case, with China, France and the UK. We tend to be a trustworthy team that hates to waste money- another valuable trait with service work.  And we work with the basic goals of keeping clients alive, out of jail and really happy with their footage. A wide range of production budgets, genres, schedules have been handled by our company.

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Selected projects from our Asian partners:

wings over everest WorldExploration Phantom IceWine homealonehusband
前往世界的尽头 (2015)
PHANTOM (2015) ICE WINE 冰酒窝 (2014) MARRIED BUT AVAILABLE 婚姻时差 (2014)


Massey Productions dipped its toe in the sales field in 2017 when it represented Mina Shum’s MEDITATION PARK for the territories of China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong.  China is a fast-evolving and rapidly growing market presenting clear opportunities but with quite specific domestic tastes and a strong approvals process for titles shown commercially.  This is a natural adjunct to our own work with the Chinese market but for certain other films we should be able to help select films make a sale there.