Massey Productions was incorporated in 1983 by Raymond and Nathaniel Massey and is based in Vancouver, Canada.  The brothers invested in an Arri and a Nagra, producing commercials and smaller projects out of offices at Cambie & Hastings.  When Nathaniel became a full time cinematographer, Raymond took the company and focused on feature films. From the beginning, the main interest was director-driven material that tended to attract the interest of festivals and over the years Raymond has had eight world premieres at TIFF, winning awards at multiple other festivals and working with partners worldwide.  

When the CBC ordered the four-hour miniseries IRON ROAD, the company went hunting for a co-production partner and partial financing in China, where three quarters of the production was filmed.  China was never part of the grand plan and IRON ROAD nearly killed Raymond but the China hook was sunk deep and the country has become a major part of the company’s current and future business. Now China comes to us in Canada as much or more than we go there to develop and finance our co-productions and varied projects.  

Not all independent features help fuel the bottom line and over time Massey began to accept offers to produce for hire and eventually the company was offering complete production services.  A minority of MPL’s overall activity is straight production services, and executive producer services and credits include supervision of PHANTOM, directed by Kabir Khan for Nadiadwala Grandson and starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif.   And the same way IRON ROAD sparked a China journey, PHANTOM has opened up endless possibilities to develop and co-produce with one of the world’s most productive, enormous and fast-evolving film communities.

MPL is also the distributor of record for a handful of third-party productions and is handling foreign sales to China, Taiwan and HK.  Raymond regularly consults on policy and education initiatives and has provided matchmaking and other services at major film and TV markets.  MPL is wholly-owned by Raymond Massey.