Nadia Hatta


Nadia Hatta began her filmmaking career at the young age of 11 when she learned how to hold the family camcorder using herself and her siblings as actors and crew members.  She became a published young adult short story writer by the age of 12, and continued writing in all mediums including stage plays, children’s books, short films, poetry, music and ultimately for network television including Discovery’s Travel and Living Channel “Fun Taiwan,” which won best Golden Bell Awards for “Best Travel Show.”  Known as an adventurous and humorous television personality who was fluent in both Mandarin and English, Nadia organically ventured into producing, creating and starring in her own television shows, such as “Nadia in New York,” which reached over 2 billion viewers.   Her short story “Dancer” was adapted into a musical stage play in Taiwan.  Her current producing credits include “Ruin,” “Maya,” and “Vagina Monologue” which raised over 1 million NTD for women’s charity.  Her background as a creator and storyteller landed her the role of Head of Development at Massey Productions, working closely with Raymond on the company’s diverse slate of feature films in various stages of development.  Nadia graduated with a BFA at Tisch School of Arts, NYU, has created for the stage and TV from New York City, to Italy, Beijing, Taipei to North America.